Examples for application

Many projects and succesfully realized coating solutions were made on NDA basis. Therefore it is not allowed for us to present these company names or project details.

In case of the following companies an explicit allowance was given or patents are disclosed.

Examples for application
Business field Company PVD ARA-LT® Marking / Coating Description / Remarks
All Ara-Authentic GmbH
Cooperation with Ara-Coatings
Forgery-proof markings, machine readable Illumination-depending color change
Smartphone readable: Ara Authentic-LT®
Ara Authentic-LT®
Aerospace Manufacturer of planes and satellites   Aradierung® Heat resistant (> 1200 K) optical coating on super alloys
Architectural glass Glass refinement   Brand name / logo Various materials, abrasion and temperature resistant - in gray, white and black
Architectural glass Glass coating   Transparent Specific optical effects on second surface
Automotive Supplier   Easy-to-clean, high-reflective Super-hydrophilic TiOx coating on side mirrors
Automotive Formula 1   Functional coating Increasement of brake force
Automotive     Decorative refinement  
Automotive OEM   Decorative refinement / Interior Multi-color-coating
Automotive Supplier   Very small Data-Matrix-Codes  
Bearings Manufacturer of bearings   "Nano-cluster layers" Color shift on aluminum basis
Ceramics / tiles Manufacturer   Graphics Extremely abrasion resistant, sharp edges; several customers
Coatings Coatings on tools   Color coatings: plasmon-based or Aradierung® Homogeneous colors on 3D-surfaces
Cosmetics Manufacturer of parfume bottles   Aradierung® , Ara Brightlight® , Ara Authentic® Transparent as well as covering colors on parfume bottles, made of glass
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Business field Company PVD ARA-LT® Marking / Coating Description / Remarks
Electronics   Gold coatings and -markings Excellent adhesion and coverage
Food SONY DADC   Color sensor for detection of freshness Developement project, together with the University of Vienna. Patents sold to SONY DADC
Glass Manufacturer of measuring cups   Black and white scales Sharp edges and abrasion resistant
Hearing devices Fa. Bruckhoff   Black coating Decorative coatings for hearing aids
Heavy metals Magna   Thin corrosion resistant coating on steel Applied for patents
IT Smartphone-manufacturer   Brand name / logo Extremely abrasion resistant
Jewellery Jeweller   Different gold colors on rings Use of 24 carat gold
Kitchen Kitchen equipment manufacturer   Selective easy-to-clean coatings on glass  
Kitchen Kitchen equipment manufacturer   Brand name / logo Robust marking on handles made of aluminum; plastic displays
Kitchen Manufacturer of cooking plates   White markings on ceran fields Extremely robust and strong contrast
Kitchen Manufacturer of pots and pans   Marking in black, gold, white or other colors Dishwasher resistant
Make-Up / Necessaire Manufacturer of nail scissors   Decorative Black robust DLC-coating
Medical technology Manufacturer of medical equipment   Brand name / black logo  
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Business field Company PVD ARA-LT® Marking / Coating Description / Remarks
Optics Manufacturer of lamps   Marking of glass lamps Opaque or semi-transparent
Porcelaine Manufacturer of table ware   Brand name / logo Dishwasher resistant
Sanitary Sanitary technology   Chrome-optical coating Substitution of galvanic chrome
Sanitary Manufacturer of mountings   Text / logo on metals Chemically resistant
Sanitary Manufacturer of mountings   Chrome-optical coating Substitution of galvanical processes
Sanitary ware Manufacturer   Text / logo Extremely abrasion resistant, sharp edges; several customers
Semiconductors Infineon   Color coatings on modules Applied for patents
Solar technology Modul production   ≈ 15 µm thick gold lines Conductivity and line dimensions scalable
Swimming pool equipment ADO-Metall GmbH   Aradierung® Corrosion-resistant coating on swimming pool gratings
Technical ceramics Ceramic compounds   Metallic structures Excellent adhesion
Tombstones     Largescale graphics Different materials, especially fine gold
Watches Manufacturer of luxury-watches   Aradierung® Red coating on individual components
Watches Manufacturer of luxury-watches   Black coating Decorative marking on tourbillons